Karen has sold 2 homes for my husband and I we trust Karen’s ideas and opinions because of her in-depth knowledge and experience of the housing market.  She keeps focused on the highest priority of selling your home and does everything possible to achieve that goal.  Karen can be counted on to follow through on her commitments; she is skilled at communicating insights and understanding of issues or problems in the housing market.  Karen is good at balancing the result of selling your home with concerns of the home-owner’s needs.  She’s the best!
Mark & Stephanie

When my husband passed away almost 3 years ago, I felt I did not want to stay in the home by myself.  Karen was a good friend of mind and when she offered to help me sell my house I knew I was in very capable hands.  My house had a contract within 5 days, and the settlement went without a hitch.  I can’t begin to express how grateful I was to have someone with Karen’s experience and personality be there for me.   

In April of 2013 my home in the Frederick, MD area went on the market with Karen Snoots as my real estate agent. The home sold in nine days but because of easement issues the deal did not go through. Although the easement issues were not Karen's problem, she worked relentlessly to solve the very complicated situation. She was the main reason the house finally sold in September. Her efforts went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Karen is the consummate professional and her knowledge of her field is first class. If I say that I would highly recommend her services it would be an understatement.